Highland Queen
16 Years Old Majesty


A rich and mature nose with robust character, with notes of dry fruit, chocolate and spices.



Sweet, full and exceptionally well rounded.  Toffee and barley sugar with a hint of smoke and peat flavours.



Medium to long finish.



Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2013


Highland Queen Majesty 16 years old (90.5)


"The Oak provides a complex smorgasbord of tannins and spice notes, as well as the usual butterscotch and liquorice.  Buttered toast seems to be on the menu, too, as well as a puree of greengages and elderberries. It must be said that the quality of the casks has like the entire Highland Queen Majesty Portfolio, been of the very highest standard with not a single off note.  Your Majesty I am impressed!"